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Season of under ice diving of 2015 was successfully completed. This year we gained new experience and knowledge during our program of finding and photographing nerpa pups, which allows us to make this program even more interesting, and most importantly more environmentally friendly. 

The story about the winter season would not be complete if we did not mention the Baikal dive safaris that take place in December (open water at this time!) which are called "Polar safari."


In the year 2014 technical diving started with a course pack - Decompression Procedures + Normoxic Trimix.
Our safari boat Valeria started this season (May 28 - June 1) renovated.  


The 2014 Jeep Ice Safaris season started on March 1. The total of 6 safaris took place, each of which was unique in its own way. The season was finished successfully on March 31