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In the year 2014 technical diving started with a course pack - Decompression Procedures + Normoxic Trimix.
Our safari boat Valeria started this season (May 28 - June 1) renovated.  


The 2014 Jeep Ice Safaris season started on March 1. The total of 6 safaris took place, each of which was unique in its own way. The season was finished successfully on March 31

In May 2013 BaikalTek’s trimix divers made several trial dives to depths up to 100 meters at water temperature of +2 degrees. July started with another safari at Baikal aboard “Valery”, this time following “Olkhon Safari” route. On the 7th and 8th of September we had test dives using unique hybrid dry suit Waterproof D1 Hybrid with built-in 3D net lining. BaikalTek’s instructor Tatyana Oparina made a dive to 150 meters, setting a record of diving in cold water among women.