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Ice programs 2017

Ice programs 2017 13.04.2016

Baikal freezes over in January. Best in the world Ice diving! Travel and diving! These two words briefly describes ice jeep safari on Baikal lake. In four words one can say ice travel and under ice diving.

The dates for Ice Jeep Diving Safaris at Baikal for 2016 are set:

February 16th – 22th: Maloe More – Olkhon  available plases 
February 25th – March 3th: Maloe More – Olkhon  No vacancy 
February 28th – March 5th: Sakhyurta - Maloe More – Olkhon  18 available plases  
March 6th – March 11th: Maloe More – Olkhon - Listvyanka. No vacancy 
March. 13th – 19th: Maloe More – Olkhon. Diving club RuDive No vacancy   
March 19th – 24nd: Maloe More – Olkhon.12 available plases  
March 26th – 29th: Maloe More – Olkhon 12 available plases

April 3th – 8th: Searching and looking Beljok (Baby nerpa). Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.  6 available plases 
April 10th – 16th: Searching and looking Beljok (Baby nerpa). Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.  6 available plases    

April: (mid-Baikal, Barguzin Bay, Buryatia.). This is a unique safari ‘Searching for Beljok”. A full information about this trip can be found in the article from Neptune magazine:    

As usual out program includes: sagudaj, pozy, banya on ice, relaxation and diving!
During jeep diving safari you can complete course Ice Diver. You can also complete this course during under-ice daily diving in Listvyanka.


Our main piece of news in 2015 is that Tatiana Oparina, divecentre BaikalTech instructor, Trimix instructor IANTD & CMAS,  held a new record in deep diving in Lake Baikal and in cold water on December 19, 2015, beating Gennady Misan’s (also BaikalTech instructor) record of 153 metres. 



Diving safaris started in May.

The first safari on the boat Valeriya (May 22-27, 2015) followed a difficult route: 6 days in Listvyanka - Ushkan Islands - Chevirkuysky bay - Listvyanka. The reason for calling this trip difficult is the the short period of time to make it



Season of under ice diving of 2015 was successfully completed. This year we gained new experience and knowledge during our program of finding and photographing nerpa pups, which allows us to make this program even more interesting, and most importantly more environmentally friendly. 

The story about the winter season would not be complete if we did not mention the Baikal dive safaris that take place in December (open water at this time!) which are called "Polar safari."